Resource Vault

As part of the Marna Schwartz family you have access to special bonuses, content, and courses. Please use the resources below to enhance your growth journey while joining Marna in her coaching program.

Vitamins, Supplements and Personal Care Items

I’m excited to now offer an online store to help you meet all your wellness needs. They even have coconut oil, ghee and bone broth! As a valued client, you get 10% off your WHOLE order. Click on the button to the right!

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Yogic Tools

As a certified yoga teacher Marna emphasizes the importance of using daily yoga to enhance your physical and spiritual body. During your time with Marna please use these videos to grow.


Timely Manifestation

In order to create purposefully moving forward, we need to make peace with the past and become present, right here and now.


Energy and Boundaries Resource Guide

Knowing about subtle energy and practicing this visualization will help you feel empowered, at home in your body, and more comfortable asserting your boundaries!


Natural Manicure Mentoring

Some of you have appreciated my nails. Here’s a step by step video guide on how to manicure your nails so they look beautiful…. Naturally!