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My name is Marna, and I am passionate about empowering people with tools for authentic, pleasurable intimacy, & helping women feel confident and more authentically sexy.

Why sexy, you might ask? Well, I guess I would tell you that it’s one way to reference that internal spark of aliveness and connection. The kind of activation where you feel really alive. Think electrifiedsensitive, and all those other juicy adjectives. Yeah, that’s beautiful and sometimes rare. But sexy can be a sweet compass to guide the journey.

I’m kind of a geek. I graduated cum laude with a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, with a concentration in Psycholinguistics. I was especially focused on exploring how concepts develop in our consciousness. I completed master’s level classwork in hypertext communication and electronic arts, and held several rewarding professional positions, including magazine editor and office manager. I had achieved "success" but knew in my bones something important was missing.

I had achieved “success” but knew in my bones something important was missing.

I noticed that, in my sensual experiences, there was a more that I was craving, but didn’t know how to getI wanted to feel overwhelmed with bliss! I wanted to experience fireworks, like in so many movies and books. It was like I got a whiff of those fireworks… Just enough so I knew they existed. But where were they the rest of the time?

This inquiry would propel me to read books, learn about tantra, deepen my understanding of yoga, and discover more about nutrition and well being. I became certified as a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and tantra educator, and even discovered the art of exotic dance! Let me tell you…. I learned a lot.

I moved to San Francisco to deepen my sensuality studies, and that is where I discovered my love of facilitating transformational workshops. Transformational: Meaning, you don’t just walk in, learn stuff, and walk out, but there’s a certain kind of alchemy that’s possible that can actually help you learn about yourself in a way that opens up new possibilities for the rest of your life! Pretty cool, huh?

I went on to become a member of the women’s team for the Authentic Man Program (a $2k plus immersion weekend to help men have better relationships) and a facilitator with Authentic World.

I knew I wanted to create and facilitate life changing workshops, where people could become more themselves. By now I had established expertise in several different areas. So I asked some women friends, “What would you be most interested in learning?” One topic at a time, I asked, “Yoga?”

They sort of seemed mildly interested. “Nutrition?” They seemed again, lukewarm with a moderate interest. And then I had an idea. It seemed kind of crazy but I figured what the heck and threw it out there…. “Exotic dance?”

Too many people have confused objectification with sensuality. It is time to find our way home.

Their faces lit up like it was Christmas! They suddenly seemed more alive, more engaged and present, and there was a particular kind of curious and naughty sparkle in their eyes. They exclaimed, “Yes! We want to learn that!” Turns out a lot of women have a secret desire to be able to do an exotic dance or striptease! They proceeded to create for me a small group of women, a time and a day where I would teach them the foundations of exotic dance. And that became the first workshop I offered! Since then, my curriculum has grown, while the essence remains the same. That is that you are whole, complete, and perfect exactly as you are. AND feeling sexy, juicy and confident with sensual movement and communication is a learnable skill. Great healing can happen when women come together and create a safe space to talk about such things.

And something extraordinary happens… When a woman becomes more confident in her sensuality, she becomes more empowered in every area of her life!

If you are interested in a brief tour of my metaphysics, I am infatuated and inspired by toroids, merkabas, and multidimensional inquiry as it relates to visceral wellness.

I am dedicated to empowering individuals to become more truly themselves, and co-catalyzing communal experiences of song, dance, celebration and joy.

What can happen when we step into beauty? What becomes possible in ourselves and our intimacy when we strive to practice loving acceptance, compassion, peace, and appreciation as a way of life? Too many people have confused objectification with sensuality. It is time to find our way home.

Professional Bio:

Founded Pleasure Yoga™ in 2012
Certified Yoga, Holistic Health, and Tantra Educator for more than twelve years
Presented at the Yoga Journal Conference and the North American Permaculture Convergence
Helped hundreds of women feel more sexy, confident and at home in their sensuality


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