How I Lost My Sense of Self-Worth & Learned How to Love Myself Again

How I lost my sense of self-worth.  A tale of self-love. .png

During the month of April, I ran the super successful “Feel Beautiful” challenge for women who wanted to alter the way they've been told they should feel and break free from an unhealthy beauty mindset.

So MANY women experienced wonderful breakthroughs in the self-love department. It was GORGEOUS to watch.

Since I have been helping many of you reclaim your value and self-worth, I wanted to share a quick personal story about my own beauty and self-image journey.

About two years ago, I went thru a major health crisis… A fibroid (benign tumor) was pushing against my uterus and I lost so much blood I had to have an emergency transfusion. I found myself leaving the ER with hopes for a quickly scheduled surgery, and instructions to take three birth control pills a day in order to manage the bleeding.

The hormones drove me crazy and caused my weight to skyrocket. Several weeks later I had a successful surgery, but my abdomen would never be the same.

As a newly full sized, messy, scarred version of myself I wondered… Would I ever feel beautiful again?

It took a journey of realigning my beliefs about beauty and my relationship with my body, in order to come back to a state of feeling peaceful, at home in my skin, and attractively confident.

As women, we are falsely sold this much that our beauty is dependent on our youth and flawlessness.

As I age, I appreciate the wisdom that accompanies my steps.

Even still, sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder if the woman looking back at me is enough.

Pretty enough, smart enough, effective enough, etc.

It’s these moments I become aware I’ve fallen behind in my active self-love practices. Because when I FEEL good I’d rather be making magic than criticizing myself in the mirror. Make sense?

I know it's a journey - and a journey requires road maps, check-in points, and very often, a reliable and warm guide.

If you participated in the challenge - and you'd like to take that momentum and roll it forward in a BIG way, please don't hesitate to get on a Sensuality Breakthrough call with me.

These 45 minute one-on-one FREE offerings are how I can take your further, faster than you can go on your own, and it's how we make a magic mini plan for your particular lifestyle.

There are no quick fixes, only beautiful practices and perspective-shifts that slowly but surely open you up to a new way of living, and experiencing yourself in your body.

If you're ready for more of this - Let's talk.