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My name is Marna, and I am passionate about empowering people with tools for authentic, pleasurable intimacy, & helping women feel confident and more authentically sexy.

Why sexy, you might ask? Well, I guess I would tell you that it’s one way to reference that internal spark of aliveness and connection. The kind of activation where you feel really alive. Think electrifiedsensitive, and all those other juicy adjectives. Yeah, that’s beautiful and sometimes rare. But sexy can be a sweet compass to guide the journey.

More about Me:

I am Certified Yoga, Holistic Health, and Tantra Educator for more than twelve years
Presented at the Yoga Journal Conference and the North American Permaculture Convergence
Helped hundreds of women feel more sexy, confident and at home in their sensuality


Excuse our appearance while we develop this page. It’s an in between, awkward moment.
Like puberty… For a webpage. Thanks for your understanding, support, and interest!

Let’s Work Together

 Sexy, Healthy, Wise

🔥This program is for the woman who wants to go deep.

🔥Who wants to find community, and soften into all areas of her life.

🔥Who wants to know, deep in her bones, that she is not alone - and she is capable of transformation.

This is for you if you’re looking for:

❤️A beautiful container - a place to hold your long term vision for yourself and your sensual life. A place to get strong, healthy, and confident, not all at once, but over time.

❤️To build on your progress, and gain the foundational piece that will NEVER leave you.

❤️To receive the tools you can keep and harness for a lifetime + pass along to other people.

❤️To Stretch Yourself! To relieve the pain you’re feeling in your relationship, and replace it with pure excitement for what’s possible.

❤️A place to let go of the anxiety, melt away the fear, and begin to trust again.

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for:

👉🏼Another self-help protocol to read and forget about.

👉🏼A quick fix band-aid solution that seems fun - but doesn’t address the deeper soul-issue.

If you’re ready to implement and unwilling to compromise on your pleasure any longer…

If you’re ready to unlock the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine and bring it into your modern existence…

Private Coaching with Marna

Sometimes you’re feeling the need to be held. Really held.

Supported through the dark emotions, and into the light.

One on one. No distractions. Total care.

This is why I offer Private Mentoring. My full scale, full-service offering.

You get access to my nutritionist background, my sensuality brain, my spiritual spidey-sense, and my heart for untangling communication problems.

What that means is…you get EVERYTHING you could possibly need to start LIVING into a new kind of feeling while bringing your sensuality and relationship (with yourself and your partner!) along for the ride.


👉🏼Excavate long-standing beliefs about the way life needs to be

👉🏼Work overtime to support your long term goals for yourself and your relationship

👉🏼Transform your lifestyle. Uplevel everything - including diet, exercise, and energy levels.

This includes email and/or voxer support in-between sessions. 

 Reignite VIP Day

In this life, we hit breaking points - or as I like to think about them - BREAKTHROUGH points.

And the difference between a breakdown vs. a breakthrough often comes down to whether or not we seek and get the help at the crossroads.

We need to SPEAK our desires into being. It’s the first step. Maybe you can’t put your finger on exactly what the problem is. That’s okay, we’ll coax it out together.

A REGINITE VIP day with me is perfect for the woman or couple who is looking to face the obstacles holding them back from the deep intimacy they desire and find the tools to embody what’s next.

This half day of support means that we have the time and space to focus and come out the other side with your solution. This is not a quick fix, this is a DEEP fix.


👉🏼With super transformational results and tools, you can bring home right away.

👉🏼Feeling light, and excited by your husband’s touch once again.

👉🏼Confident and prepared to have hard conversations with your partner.

👉🏼Feeling worthy again, and re-connected to your goddess soul.

This is all about reigniting and re-connecting. I only take on women and couples who are ready to transform.

You In?