Women's Success Stories


"As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and multiple adult rapes I never thought I would actually enjoy my body. Since working with Marna, my capacity for pleasure has grown and grown and grown and grown, and now it’s bigger than I ever thought possible."     - Woman in San Francisco, CA


“Before the program, I was feeling pretty blah in the sexiness department and recovering from a medical procedure that felt somewhat invasive to my femininity. After experiencing Marna's gentle guidance with refreshing insight and participating in her experiential exercises, I felt the emotional and physical pain in my body melt away! It was replaced by a feeling of really owning my body and feminine power; I recommend this to the woman who wants to feel good about herself no matter what's going on in her life.” - Anya, Certified Bodyworker

"Ever notice how some women, (no matter their size, appearance, state of dress, the occasion, etc.) just radiate sexuality? Perhaps it is natural, or perhaps they attended one of Marna Schwartz’s classes…"

- Kelly Patterson, SF Examiner

"Before I worked with Marna I wasn't really sure how to take my sex life to the next level. She made it fun and safe and easy to move into things that I might have felt afraid to, otherwise. Marna has a talent for inviting playfulness; she made the connection for me between having sex and having fun that I had forgotten about. My husband says that, since working with her, I'm more relaxed and more fun. The next logical step in me loving myself is to do whatever it is she's doing." - Laurie S.

"Before taking Marna's program, I had so many inhibitions and fears. Now, I feel more empowered and in my body. I find it fun and exciting to connect with my husband and of course, he is thrilled!" 

Nathalie, Stylist


"Rowr...really fun. I can't thank Marna enough! She was fantastic and fun and easy to be with and comfortable and helped us stretch into new areas without feeling pressured or awkward. I loved the personal stories Marna shared and how I can take parts into my own personal life and relationship and love life. I feel stronger in my sexuality and powerful in my impact. I would recommend this program to any of my friends, completely." - Sylvia Valentine

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Couples' Success Stories

"My husband and I had been married for 3 years, and there was a definite feeling of disconnect. We were both growing, but not necessarily in the same direction. There was a lot of fear and frustration. I thought, "Maybe I'm not right for this person." I felt like our sex life had become stagnant. Marna could see that the intense love that we share was very present, and could tap into that commitment to open up doors that seemed closed between us. Her gentleness and radiance made a very safe space for us to relax and feel connected. I rediscovered a sense of respect, honor, and devotion to my husband and masculine energy that I could convey through touch and surrender in making love with him. Meanwhile my husband has been expressing more pleasure, being more assertive, and initiating intimacy more than in the past, which I like. The work with Marna definitely had a healing effect and has aided us in establishing our relationship in a fresh light from the point of view of who we are now, and who we are becoming. It is a work in progress, but having some loving tools and positive moments to reference has given us something to build on."       

Amanda, Actress


Thank you so much for your help Wednesday night.  When I said you were changing my life I really meant it. You helped me deepen the connection with someone I love, and what can come from that is limitless. Typically when I'm in that space where I'm crying and wanting to get away from everyone, I shut down-- I become silent, avoid eye contact and any kind of connection, and can't reconnect or even interact really until later, when I'm removed from my feelings.  You sifted through the murkiness of my words, feelings, energy and posture to bring out a clear truth from all the mess. You would say 'what I'm hearing is....' and what came after was always a precise clear expression that got to the heart of what I was feeling. Somehow your identifying and naming of what I was experiencing allowed me to feel it, and then be OK with it. I felt you getting me and that made it easier to give more. In giving more, we got to go deeper than I expected.  I have a better awareness of my triggers and of his, which I know will help us navigate rough spots in the future. Thank you. In writing this and going back to Wednesday night I get choked up with love and gratitude. The following day I felt the most centered and grounded that I can remember.

Wendy, Entrepreneur


Men's Success Stories

Marna helped me to focus on the physical aspect of my being, and how I was expressing masculinity through my body.  She showed me subtle changes I could make that increase my confidence, my enjoyment of myself, and my willingness to play full out.  I admire the ways she supported me in being grounded and responsible, as well as open and playful. That combination has been really powerful, and has helped me to create and enjoy the relationship that I desire. I deeply appreciate our coaching together.   - Andrew, Producer 

Working with Marna really was a refreshing and genuinely emotional experience. Often times I was completely blown away at how honestly and deeply she spoke with me. Our time together has truly changed my perspective on many things about others and myself. Marna was able to own her emotions and express them in such a raw, eloquent way that I was brought to tears on multiple occasions while working with her just out of pure gratitude for her being her.

Most importantly she helped me see the power and uniqueness in myself. I thought that I had to have some sort of spiritual awakening in order to be a better, more attractive person. However, this could not be farther from the truth. I now know, from working with her, that by me just being me I will attract the type of people that I want in my life.

Overall, working with Marna was a deeply touching and dare I say enlightening experience. The word ‘authentic’ comes up in a lot of businesses in this field of work, but to me, Marna epitomizes the word authentic. I can go on and on about what I feel about and how she has helped me but I ask you to try it for yourself and see how you can work with her to be fully human. - Daniel, Interpreter


"I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to live a meaningful life. Through Marna's insightful questions, compassionate listening, deep and broad knowledge of healthy "soul foods", and a gently persistent coaching style, I was able to integrate nourishing habits and expand my awareness of self. In short, Marna helped me learn how to take care of myself in more wholistic and surprisingly effective ways. With her help, I changed some limiting habits, and established new, really powerful ones. I am grateful for her gift, her focus and her intense desire for me to be more, well, me. If you're curious about how much more alive you can be, work with Marna. You'll be amazed."

Dave, Entrepreneur

Tired of the way things have been? Ready to kickstart your own success story around pleasure, intimacy and connection? Claim your free 45-minute Pleasure Breakthrough Call.