Women's Success Stories

"I’m excited to share that my hubby and I enjoyed a deep slow start to love making on Christmas night.  I felt really filled up, loved, and close to him. I also asked him some questions about what feels good for him - often talking throws him off his ‘focus’ but this time it didn’t and it was great to have that intimate communication contribute to the meaningfulness. We also climaxed together which is the best, deepest experience ever! My conversation with you the other day shifted something for sure. Can't put my finger on it, but it had a strong impact and seeing the results in my sex life! WAhoo! Working with you is THE best :) Thank you thank you thank you!"   

Jackie, Financial Advisor

"Ever notice how some women, (no matter their size, appearance, state of dress, the occasion, etc.) just radiate sexuality? Perhaps it is natural, or perhaps they attended one of Marna Schwartz’s classes…"

Kelly Patterson, SF Examiner


"As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and multiple adult rapes I never thought I would actually enjoy my body. Since working with Marna, my capacity for pleasure has grown and grown and grown and grown, and now it’s bigger than I ever thought possible."     

April, Freelancer


"Before taking Marna's program, I had so many inhibitions and fears. Now, I feel more empowered and in my body. I find it fun and exciting to connect with my husband and of course, he is thrilled!" 

Sonya, Stylist


Before the program, I was feeling pretty blah in the sexiness department and recovering from a medical procedure that felt somewhat invasive to my femininity. After experiencing Marna's gentle guidance with refreshing insight and participating in her experiential exercises, I felt the emotional and physical pain in my body melt away! It was replaced by a feeling of really owning my body and feminine power; I recommend this to the woman who wants to feel good about herself no matter what's going on in her life.”

Anya, Certified Bodyworker


'Marna’s program guided me back to my own internal light. I felt the greatest connection to all parts of my being throughout the duration of the course. I look forward to more!'

Melissa, Feng Shui Consultant


Working with Marna surpassed my expectations. I feel “richer” in life… Now, when I look in the mirror, I like myself more!

Lyubov, Program Coordinator


"Marna's authentic teaching style and compassionate approach put me at ease right away. She was always very respectful of my needs and allowed me to go at my own pace. She is a great teacher. The value you will get out of working with her is priceless!!! If you have inhibitions you are wanting to overcome, this is the class for you. You will be a different woman by the time you walk out that door: In your power, attractive and sexy. What are you waiting for? "

Allison, Educator


"Rowr...really fun. I can't thank Marna enough! She was fantastic and fun and easy to be with and comfortable and helped us stretch into new areas without feeling pressured or awkward. I loved the personal stories Marna shared and how I can take parts into my own personal life and relationship and love life. I feel stronger in my sexuality and powerful in my impact. I would recommend this program to any of my friends, completely."

Samantha, Project Manager


"Before I worked with Marna I wasn't really sure how to take my sex life to the next level. She made it fun and safe and easy to move into things that I might have felt afraid to, otherwise. Marna has a talent for inviting playfulness; she made the connection for me between having sex and having fun that I had forgotten about. My husband says that, since working with her, I'm more relaxed and more fun. The next logical step in me loving myself is to do whatever it is she's doing."

Loria, Teacher