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Dear Powerful Woman,

Look around you, what surrounds your life today. The airbrushed magazine models. The impossible beauty standards. The pressure to buy products with empty promises. Aren't you sick of what these messages are doing to you and your sense of self-worth? I know I am.

Can I be real with you, here? I have a belly that pooches out a little. My breasts sag. My thighs are ginormous compared with what they used to be. As a woman who used my brief career in exotic dance to pay for my yoga teacher training, I know the “importance” of looking good. And like many of us, I’ve internalized that pressure. I need to look good/young/thin in order to feel worthy of love, affection, promotion, or VALUE. And when I experience life through this lens, it HURTS.

  • One study reports that at age thirteen, 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies.” This grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen. -

  • Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. -

I’m sick and tired of the societal pressure that surrounds ALL OF US. I’m ready to dismantle the core belief that so many of us carry -

The CORE BELIEF that You should look differently than you do.

Because it’s not true. It’s NOT TRUE.
You deserve to FEEL DAMN BEAUTIFUL as you are. Right now.

After years spent stuck in shame and self-hatred, I’ve learned how to step outside of cultural pressures… And embrace a new sense of self with so much more power, pleasure and freedom.

Piece by piece I’ve woven together a healing structure that has allowed me to feel sexy and BEAUTIFUL, in my skin as I am, however I find myself each morning, and each night.

Previously only available to my private clients, I'd like to share this empowering recipe with YOU, to help you welcome WHOLENESS back into the equation - to unleash the beauty that’s always been there.

Together, we can FLIP your negative beliefs on their head… and actually Re-Design your self image.


It’s time to reorient our sense of self worth.

It’s time to EMBRACE THE MAGIC that is this life and this body and this beautiful soul.

If you’re stressed out by what you see in the mirror….Finding it really difficult to relax with your partner…

Yearning to be the kind of woman who loves and embraces herself… You’re in the right place.

Are you ready to SAY YES to feeling comfortable in your skin? Reserve your spot now to transform body shame into body love.

Together, let’s re-design your self image IN just 5 Days →

1 hour a day for 5 days

all from the comforts of your home

(or where ever you choose to tune-in via internet!!)

Monday, April 8th to Friday, April 12th

Spots are limited!

How does this work? After you sign up you’ll receive an email invitation to the Erotic Empowerment Facebook Group, a closed FB group just for you! That’s where I’ll be sharing a new live video each day at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern with your 5 keys to unlock more self love. I’ll also be doing live coaching with ladies who have questions or encounter obstacles. If you miss the live, no problem! You can check out the recording later that day and get your questions answered in the group, and on the next call!

What’s the investment for this opportunity? These strategies are normally part of what I teach my private clients who invest $3000 to work with me. Your investment to participate and learn as part of this challenge is $0. Yup, that’s right. I’m offering this to you with no financial investment.

Can I share with a friend? Absolutely! Simply share this link and they can grab their own spot.

My time is already stretched thin, will this be worthwhile for me? If you’re running around feeling stressed out, this is all the more important for you to make time for. It will be fun, it will be nourishing, and you’ll feel GREAT about yourself afterward.

How do I know these tools are gonna really change my life? Because I want you to walk away not only feeling beautiful, but with a plan of action to make the feeling last, I’m inviting every participant to schedule a free Sensuality Breakthrough Session with me. We’ll talk about exactly what’s going on in your life and beauty world. I’ll guide you through creating a mini plan to know what tools are going to help you the most right away, and what strategies to incorporate into your long term feel beautiful vision. AND! I’ll only be a short email away if you want or need assistance after the five days. 

I’m so excited to guide you through this journey!

You are Beautiful.

Time to FEEL it.

Wishing you wholeness and joy,
Marna Schwartz


Marna Schwartz is an accomplished Regenerative Community & Intimacy Coach. Certified by the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and Teachers College at Columbia University, Marna has empowered and enriched the lives of hundreds of clients, presents at Yoga Journal LIVE, the North American Permaculture Convergence, and throughout North America.

What people are saying…

She’s a master at creating safety and allowing each person to cellularly connect with divine wisdom. She’s incredible.  
— Sage Lavine, Best Selling Author

I attended a session with Marna at a time when I was struggling with my own sensuality, my connection to my sensuality, my ability to express my sensuality and my capacity to really connect in with that soft feminine part of me that is so integral to moving easily through the world. The way that Marna held the space was impeccable. She's a master at creating safety for every person in the room and allowing each one to drop in and cellularly connect with the sensual force that allows us to move through the world without pushing, but by being pulled, by being in touch with that soft beastie part of us that is tapped in to the greater whole, to the channel that's flowing through us.... The divine wisdom. If you're considering studying with Marna, working with Marna, don't hesitate. Run, don't walk. She's incredible.  

— Sylvia Valentine, Photographer

— Sylvia Valentine, Photographer

"Rowr...really fun. I can't thank Marna enough! She was fantastic and fun and easy to be with and comfortable and helped us stretch into new areas without feeling pressured or awkward. I loved the personal stories Marna shared and how I can take parts into my own personal life and relationship and love life. I feel stronger in my sexuality and powerful in my impact. I would recommend this program to any of my friends, completely."

“Working with Marna surpassed my expectations. I feel “richer” in life… Now, when I look in the mirror, I like myself more!
— Lyubov Shyshova, Software Engineer, Kyiv, Ukraine

'Marna’s course guided me back to my own internal light. I felt the greatest connection to all parts of my being throughout the duration of the class. I look forward to attending more in the future!'
-Melissa Thomas, Feng Shui Consultant, Monterey, CA

Anya D., Certified Bodyworker

Anya D., Certified Bodyworker

"Before working with Marna, I was feeling pretty blah in the sexiness department and recovering from a medical procedure that felt somewhat invasive to my femininity. After experiencing her gentle guidance with refreshing insight and participating in her experiential exercises, I felt the emotional and physical pain in my body melt away! It was replaced by a feeling of really owning my body and feminine power; I recommend this to the woman who wants to feel good about herself no matter what's going on in her life.”

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