Sexy Communication in 30 Days
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Maybe You...
  • Aren't intimate at all anymore, but want to be.

  • Want a better emotional connection when it comes to sex, so you can feel deeply heard, seen, felt and loved.

  • Don't feel comfortable or confident enough to tell your partner what you want and need.

  • Want to spice up your relationship so it doesn't get stale or boring.

  • Are scared of saying something the wrong way because you don't want to offend or turn off your partner.

  • Can't keep up with your partner's libido (or vice versa).


…Or you’re waiting for some kind of miracle, where you’ll wake up one day
and everything will be magically awesome forever…

And the reality is you’re getting more and more distant from your partner
with each passing day that you don’t take action!


Imagine Yourself…

Initiating lovemaking with your partner in a way that feels natural and great for both of you, gracefully navigating the shifts that come with body changes and age



"As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and multiple adult rapes I never thought I would actually enjoy my body. Since working with Marna, my capacity for pleasure has grown and grown and grown and grown, and now it’s bigger than I ever thought possible."     - Woman in San Francisco, CA


"Before I worked with Marna I wasn't really sure how to take my sex life to the next level. She made it fun and safe and easy to move into things that I might have felt afraid to, otherwise. Marna has a talent for inviting playfulness; she made the connection for me between having sex and having fun that I had forgotten about. My husband says that, since working with her, I'm more relaxed and more fun. The next logical step in me loving myself is to do whatever it is she's doing." - Laurie S.


“Marna's regular coaching has been invaluable during a time when I'd lost my way in many respects. I was struggling with various health issues, which she helped me address by guiding me through better nutritional choices, but also developing nourishing routines. Not only that, she has coached me through changing my whole mindset on life, becoming more resilient and receptive to change, and helping me reframe my own self-talk to be more nurturing and less critical. Because of her, I have much better habits in my life, and if I fall out of them, she helps me get back on the positive path. I feel a much friendlier relationship with myself and an increasingly better interface with the world, and I so owe so much of it to Marna's guidance. <3” . - Christina M.,


“I attended a session with Marna at a time when I was struggling with my own sensuality, my connection to my sensuality, my ability to express my sensuality and my capacity to really connect in with that soft feminine part of me that is so integral to moving easily through the world. The way that Marna held the space was impeccable. She's a master at creating safety for every person in the room and allowing each one to drop in and cellularly connect with the sensual force that allows us to move through the world without pushing, but by being pulled, by being in touch with that soft beastie part of us that is tapped in to the greater whole, to the channel that's flowing through us.... The divine wisdom. If you're considering studying with Marna, working with Marna, don't hesitate. Run, don't walk. She's incredible.” - Sage Lavine, Author


"Rowr...really fun. I can't thank Marna enough! She was fantastic and fun and easy to be with and comfortable and helped us stretch into new areas without feeling pressured or awkward. I loved the personal stories Marna shared and how I can take parts into my own personal life and relationship and love life. I feel stronger in my sexuality and powerful in my impact. I would recommend this program to any of my friends, completely." - Sylvia Valentine, Photographer


“Marna is a natural leader and guide who brings her wisdom of the body, mind and spirit to her programs, classes and workshops. She creates a safe and nurturing environment, filled with a sense of belonging and community, that is beautiful to be a part of. I felt safe in Marna's program, and connected to her and the group of women who participated. It was a wonderful and heartfelt experience! After working with Marna I feel more in tune with myself and my body!”

- Rachel C, Teacher