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The step-by-step method for bringing connection and excitement back into your relationship in

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 with lots of support from this woman….

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Maybe You…

  • Are bored to death in the bedroom and desperate to rekindle romance in your relationship in order to save your marriage.

  • Want a better emotional connection when it comes to sex, so you can feel deeply heard, seen, felt and loved.

  • Don't feel comfortable or confident enough to tell your partner what you want and need.

  • Want to unleash your inner desires and create real connection.

  • Want to spice up your relationship so it doesn't get stale or repetitive.

  • Wish to please your partner and keep them interested, to help keep your love alive and strong for the long haul.

  • Can't keep up with your partner's libido (or vice versa).

  • Desire to authentically enjoy sex, so it feels fun and nourishing for BOTH of you (and not like a chore).


…Or you’re waiting for some kind of miracle,
where you’ll wake up one day
and everything will be magically awesome forever…

And the reality is you’re getting more and more distant from your partner with each passing day that you don’t take action!

 Student Case Study: Amanda

I now have the confidence and courage to talk about our intimacy with my husband, and make it be a bigger priority.

I realize that it’s not out of my reach. I can practice this and be good at it. Sensuality can be a part of my life.

Watch if you:

  • Feel out of touch with your sensuality

  • Are apprehensive, shy or self conscious, or concerned it will be “too awkward.” 

  • Grew up in an environment where you didn’t talk about sexuality.

 Student Case Study: Inessa

This is like a key for your lock... Playing is fun and it should be fun and it’s all about communication.... I think I can explain it more clearly now. The intimacy will definitely be more spicy and hot.

Watch if you:

  • Feel closed up and unable to talk about what you want.

  • Are on the fence about signing up for the program.

  • Tend to keep your feelings bottled up.

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 Imagine Yourself…

Celebrating the toe-curling, time stopping, soul nourishing experience of oneness you’ve just experienced with your beloved partner.

Being so connected with your partner that you read each others body language and eye contact. It’s like magic! You’re so comfortable with each other that you can have fun, relax and be yourself. You enjoy being in love and feeling adored and appreciated.

Grateful that you have the most amazing connection and love making with your partner. No matter how long you’ve been together, you love them more every day. You truly appreciate each other and the love you share is so real and raw .. it's beautiful.

Initiating lovemaking with your partner or receiving his advances
in a way that feels natural and great for both of you.

Gracefully navigating the shifts that come with body changes and age. Asking for what you want and need without shame or fear. Feeling sexy and confident.

YOU’RE SO CLOSE TO THIS (and I know this because)

I Used to be Just Like You…

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I felt like I was doomed. The initial spark with my partner had worn off, and what used to bring tingles felt boring and repetitive. I didn't know how to talk with him about it. Every time I tried to bring it up I accidentally caused a fight.

I was frustrated and it seemed hopeless. Maybe we weren't right for each other after all. I felt disconnected from him and wasn’t sure our relationship was going to last. Have you ever been there? Are you there right now?

Finally I realized that sharing pleasure and sexy communication are learnable skills, and that I could not only learn but help him learn too! Our intimacy changed dramatically. I was relieved and ecstatic, and happily experiencing a kind of connected bliss that’s even better than before.

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Nice to meet you! I’m Marna.

Following my DESIRE to learn more about pleasure and well being, I was certified as a Tantra Educator, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach more than 13 years ago!

Since then, I’ve been leading life changing workshops for more than 10 years, and founded Pleasure Yoga™ - a new approach to yoga, pleasure and sensuality - in 2012.

I’ve presented at Yoga Journal LIVE, the North American Permaculture Convergence, Tribalize, the International Communal Studies Association, bachelorette parties, and other prestigious gatherings.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients, including couples who wanted to reconnect with each other with more sensitivity, depth, excitement, fun and play, and women who wanted to feel more sexy, confident and at home in their sensuality so they can connect with their beloved and feel beautiful!

Student Case Study: Sage

Marna is a master at creating safety and allowing each person to cellularly connect with divine wisdom. She’s incredible.

Watch if you:

  • Have trouble connecting with your sensuality or your divine feminine.

  • Aren’t sure whether it’s safe to learn about sensuality and desire.

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Student Case Study: Maureen

My deeper commitment to myself is what brought me here.
Grateful for lots of great communication tips... I definitely feel more confident approaching these conversations!

Watch if you:

  • Have been feeling exhausted or depleted by life.

  • Are tired of taking care of everybody else in your life while your pleasure and sensual life suffers.

  • Aren’t sure you have the time.

  • Think talking with your spouse about sensuality is awkward or scary.

Student Case Study: Nathalie

“The parts of me I was able to access in her classes were parts of me that needed to be reclaimed. It opened a door for me. What I realized was that the more I could access my sensuality as a feminine leader, what I noticed was doors opened for me, more clients came to me, I made more money. It was a missing link for me... Permission to be all of me.

Watch if you:

  • Feel hesitant to work with a professional on this subject.

  • Have some shame about exploring your sensuality.

  • Aren’t sure it’s worth the investment.

Sexy Communication in 30 Days

Here’s what you’ll learn:


How to have flirty and fun conversations about your intimacy so you can feel confident telling your partner what you really want, find out what excites them, and inspire your partner to be your teammate in creating bliss together.


Sexy invitations and adjustments to use during your intimacy so that you can ask for something new or different in the moment in a feminine way without being domineering or bitchy.


Nonverbal Communication tools: how to use sounds, body language and sexy cues to increase connection, teamwork and pleasure.


How to introduce and successfully talk about toys, kink and bdsm so you can feel shame free about whatever floats your boat, strikes your fancy, rings your bell, etc. ;)


Ways to spice up your intimacy and increase your satisfaction, even if your partner won’t talk with you about sex.

Weekly Recorded Video Office Hours

Laser coaching to address your specific questions and needs - THURSDAYS 3 PM PST.

Private Facebook Group

Feedback from me on every single assignment - usually within 24-48 hours.

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Discover Your Desires Jumpstart LIVE Video Training - September 19th at 3 pm PST (Value $197)

  • So you have clarity about what you actually want in the first place!

Yogic Tools to Increase Pleasure (Value $297)

  • Discover Marna’s favorite techniques to reduce stress and enjoy more energy, including a powerful hip opener series you won’t find anywhere else!

Energy Basics and Boundaries (Value $197)

  • Knowing about subtle energy and practicing this visualization will help you feel empowered, at home in your body, and more comfortable asserting your boundaries!

Natural Manicure Mentoring (Value $97)

  • Your step-by -step guide on how to manicure your nails so they look beautiful…. Naturally!

Feel Sexy and Confident - Previously known as Spice Up Your Intimacy - Beta (Value $997)

  • Develop and nurture your ability to feel beautiful, worthy, and connected with yourself and your desires.

  • Bring that special spice back to your relationship!



Enrollment Closes


Sexy Communication in 30 Days
(Value $997)

The step-by-step method for bringing connection and excitement back into your relationship.
Instant access to group support with Marna.
Live course runs October 21-Nov 21.

Feel Sexy and Confident Bonus (Value $997)

Develop and nurture your ability to feel beautiful, worthy, and connected with yourself and your desires.

Additional Bonuses (Value $788)

  • Discover Your Desires LIVE Training

  • Yogic Tools to Increase Pleasure

  • Energy Basics and Boundaries

  • Natural Manicure Mentoring


Sexy Communication Facebook Group (Value $300)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls “Office Hours” (Value Included)

Lifetime Access (Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE - $3,082

Yours for Only…

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