Marna Schwartz

I’m gonna present something pretty radical here - you ready?

What if we actually ENJOYED our lives? And gave ourselves permission to explore our sensuality?

You deserve to feel ALIVE. And really Be Alive.

If You…

  • Haven’t felt the desire for sex in a while  

  • Feel like your partner is pushing you away

  • Don’t trust yourself anymore

  • Desperately looking to free yourself from self-doubt and FEEL fully alive

  • Want to try new things, but are unsure where to start

  • Tired of the same old same old tricks in the bedroom

  • Ready to create a new & exciting connection with your partner, and with yourself

Let’s UNLOCK your next right move together.

Intimacy Hour with Marna Schwartz

During this Intimacy Hour, I will help you walk through your problem, re-frame it, and shed light on your deepest desires.

As women, we often stop ourselves from desiring, from exploring. I’m here to show you the power in embracing your pleasure.

Get crystal clear on your sensual desires, release what's stopping you, and walk away with a customized roadmap to having more pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment right NOW.

Stop the cycle of self doubt, exhaustion, and misread signals.

Claim Your Intimacy Hour, Change Your Life.