Pain, Toxicity, and Regenerative Priorities

I am woman. I am human. I have a deeply intimate relationship with water. The many waters are the rivers and the oceans and the turn on in my pussy. And the tender vulnerable parts of the innermost depths of myself. And the amniotic fluid that nourishes a child.

The lightning flashes of neural activity live in a sea of various kinds of brain fluid and blood.

Monthly I feel the contents of my uterus force their way out, as though in a war. I have bled through countless "ten hour" pads in less than 20 minutes over the last three days. I feel scared losing this much blood. My body is not well. Monthly I go thru excruciating pain, to the point of screaming several times a day. I'm tired of being quiet and ashamed about this.

The fibroid in my uterus echoes the plastic in the ocean. Do not contaminate my drinking water and then sell me an antidepressant and anti-inflammatory. Do not put sterilizing agents in my water (Chloramine Awareness Network) and then sell me probiotics so that I can begin to digest my food, which oh by the way, you also poisoned and are engineering nutrition out of. Two causes of mental health imbalances are inflammation (i.e. from processing toxins) and malnutrition.

My words breeze anger out through me, eventually parching my throat. Let me take a breath to restore myself… Oh wait, with the air that you have also contaminated.

I am one of the many who are slowly dying, being poisoned by the misguided incentivized insensitive actions of our brothers. I am one of the growing number who is also ready, open, and excited to talk about that.

It is a connected place in (his)story that a man sits in the White House who celebrates sexual assault, a young man was accepted to Stanford university without the emotional intelligence to understand it's wrong to rape an unconscious woman, and industry pushes forward pipelines, endangering the drinking water for millions. #consent #sovereignty #nodapl Sex and Politics

This is not a blemish to be tolerated. This is a problem to be rectified and soul/soil to be (amen)ded.

I will not let someone cut me open to atone for the sins of your industries and (eco)nomics.

Do not contaminate my pussy and tell me you love me.

Do not poison me and then use my distress as an engine for your profit margins.

Government positions are roles of power for the purpose of responsible stewardship.

It is an intentional power exchange that has currently degraded into abuse.

It is time to vote regenerative priorities and take action for the well-being of our water, soil, air, food, persons, animals, plants, and environment.

Water is life.