Our relationship with stuff is killing us

Our children are sold to the gaming industry rather than given to the trees. Our addiction to virtual reality and silicate representations is committing genocide on the species we are in cooperative relationship with so as to breathe. Be aware of metal extraction and petroleum generated plastics. Our relationship with stuff is killing us. The earth is an organism, and (mostly) a closed loop system. Let's honor her well being as our own. It is thus.

How about building toward a #justtransition initiative that will take a while? One computer per village. We don't all need to be computing. This would also entail people learning how to live with each other with prosperity, joy and naturally regenerative well-being. I'm not saying it will be easy, and it will require work. Who is ready to work? #responsibletech

Would you rather have a singing flower made in China of plastic that will work 10 hours but last a thousand years or a field of flowers that will contribute to the ecosystem so we can enjoy food?

Update August 2018:

Policy exists for the purpose of aligning outcomes with shared and stated goals

The best intention of policy is to uphold the regenerative and life affirming potential of the system. If it is anything else, what are we sacrificing?

No one perhaps thought "I will not destroy and poison my own habitat" was worthy of noting. Why would anyone do that?!

How do we resurrect the importance of maintaining a thriving and livable natural world?


Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash